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Blind Grass

  • XTreme Ghillie Layout Blind Field Green Cover

    XTreme Ghillie Layout Blind Field Green Cover

    Rig'Em Right's® Xtreme Ghillie cover attaches to the Xtreme Ghillie Layout Blind and helps you hide in green fields like winter wheat, alfalfa or pasture fields. Tested in multiple environments to find the optimum color shades. It has stubble straps...
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  • Ghillie String Ghillie String

    Ghillie String

    Rig'Em Right's® Xtreme Ghillie Sting helps customize your Xtreme Ghillie layout blind for even greater concealments. Simply tie the material to the stubble straps to better match your surroundings.  Synthetic polypropylene material is...
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