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Upright Field Blinds

  • Universal Shoulder Strap

    This strap can securely fasten to all various blinds, blind bags, or gun cases to aid in transporting. Adjustable sling style can be used in pairs to form backpack straps.     

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  • Tanglefree Panel Blind

    Tanglefree Panel Blind

    Note: Tanglefree products are not available online. Please call 231-994-DUCK or email for purchasing information or to check our current inventory.    Features: Durable construction Aluminium frame Adjustable...

  • Heavy Hauler HUB Panel Blind -

    Heavy Hauler HUB Panel Blind -

    The HUB (Helping U Blend) 2-3 man panel style hub blind.  Finally a blind that allows you to be portable while versatile and sets up and takes down in seconds.  Hunt ducks, geese, doves, crows, you name it.  Stay hidden and move at a...

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