How to Easily Repair Shot-Up Decoys

How to Easily Repair Shot-Up Decoys

Posted by Adam Marchbanks, Field Staff on Oct 26th 2021

Materials Needed

Shot up decoy

550 paracord

Torch Lighter

Step 1

Drain water. I set mine at an angle with the hole down in my kitchen sink to drain over night.

Step 2

Position your decoy with the hole facing up. This will allow any minute amount of water that could be lingering to settle to the bottom of the decoy. Gently fan the flame over the BB hole in the decoy for a few seconds. This will dry any residual water around the hole and warm the plastic to accept the paracord. Do not continuously hold the flame directly on the decoy as it will rapidly melt and make the hole larger.

Step 3

Immediately after you have warmed the decoy, melt the paracord with your torch lighter until it is molten. When the paracord actually has a tiny flame on it, it’s ready. Immediately dab it directly into the hole. It usually adheres to the outside of the hole and leaves a pinhole in the center. Repeat as necessary until the hole is filled completely. I did 3 passes for my agitator repair.

The paracord tends to self level fairly well, however if it doesn’t you can wave the flame of your torch lighter over the repair site to level it out.

If you intend to paint, make sure you rough up the solidified material before applying a coating. 

Step 4

Find a hunting buddy that doesn't shoot decoys!