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March Madness Waterfowl Edition - ROUND 2!

March Madness Waterfowl Edition - ROUND 2!

Posted by Dan Miller on Mar 17th 2019

March Madness Waterfowl Edition Round 2 begins now!

We had some upsets and some predictable wins. The Canvasback pulled ahead of the popular Redhead with a solid margin to take the win, the Northern Shoveler somehow defeated the Coot by a massive lead. Goldeneyes came from behind to defeat Old Squaw, and the Bufflehead pulled out a close victor against the favored Bluebill.

Round 2 will narrow the field even further, so let's get started!


Canvasback vs. Eider -

Bufflehead vs. Goldeneye -
Mallard vs. Wood Duck -
Shoveler vs. Pintail -