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  • Dakota Decoy Wigeon Floater 6 Pack

    Dakota Decoy Wigeon Floater 6 Pack

    Dakota Decoy introduces our newest member of our growing family… our X-Treme Wigeon! These feature the most realist paint scheme ever achieved on a wigeon decoy. The iridescent paints used on the heads duplicate the beauty mother nature put into...

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  • Higdon Battleship Puddle Pack

    Higdon Battleship Puddle Pack

    When you need to a pack of decoys to make a statement in size and variety, the Battleship puddle pack is sure to get the job done.  This pack made up of pintails, gadwall, and widgeon is a lethal combination for hunters that want to add variety and...

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  • Avian-X Top Flight Pacific Flyway Pack

    Avian-X Pacific Flyway Pack was created to encompass the flyway’s top harvested ducks excluding mallards. These ducks not only add realism to your spread, but their striking colors and contrast add attracting pulling power from great distance...

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  • Higdon Standard Wigeon 6 Pack

    Higdon Standard Wigeon 6 Pack

    The standard widgeon now has 2 skimmer drakes!  Realism and variety is the name of the game here.  Sure to add life-like confidence to any spread.    A percentage of your purchase will go towards wetland conservation.  Package...

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