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Spreaders & Jerk Rigs

  • Lifetime Decoys 90' Jerk Rig

    This Jerk rig is amazing, seriously. 90ft PVC coated steel cable mainline, built with swivels every six feet to prevent the line from coiling and tangling. 5ft marine grade bungee for big pull to make your decoys really swim back and forth. But wait,...

    MSRP: $69.99
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  • Motion Ducks Decoy Feeder System

      Create the natural feeding motion with two decoys at once. The Feeder System sets up and breaks down in just a few seconds, and comes with the jerk line used to create the feeding motion. (Decoys and anchor not included.)

    MSRP: $29.95
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  • Motion Ducks Decoy Spreader and Jerk System

    Spreader Info: Bring your decoys to life with our Spreader System and Jerk Rig. The spreader separates the decoys and when you add the jerk rig system your decoys look like they are alive and swimming, not in a single file line but in a small flock...

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